What is the Micromax Selfie Lens Price?

micromax selfie lens price

So you are wondering, "what is the Micromax Selfie Lens Price"? I am. Just as I was trying to figure out which one of those fancy face devices I had been looking at on T.V. that was worth the money, I bought one of the Micromax selfie lenses and it looked really good in a picture with my best friend's new boyfriend!

They have two versions of these cameras; one of them is a USB-powered version with wireless connectivity, the other is a cordless version that is available to connect to a computer. There are no camera bodies in the Micromax version, all the controls are done on the computer. If you connect it to your PC with the USB cable, you can customize the settings, transmit pictures to your PC and download pictures back from your computer to your camera.

This small camera comes with a USB connector that will give you data transfer speeds of up to five megabytes a second. There is a power switch, a button to turn on the camera and a control dial on the side that gives you the option to either focus on the subject or the background.

You get the basic three-megapixel camera with up to two special features such as zoom and panorama. The zoom feature enables you to focus on an object and click the center, then click and drag and select a different center to take another photo. The panorama mode makes it possible to see an image in a larger area when you click the center.

The Micromax selfie lens uses dual flash that uses red and green filters to capture images. These work for close-up photos or if you are photographing animals. It is up to you to choose if you want to get close up shots or make use of the filters and use the flash when you want to get a wider shot.

You also get the "White Balance"Finder" software program. The White Balance program allows you to see what the lighting situation is at the time you take the picture. The "Finder" software program allows you to click and hold on a subject to see what faces and trees are behind them and what objects they are.

The product was a complete hit with my family and I really like it. We use it to take photos of each other, we took a few professional photos with it has been something we keep on hand at all times.

You can order these products from various online stores that carry Micromax products. For those of you who are just starting to get started with photography, Micromax has a good set of tutorials for beginners which are all free. If you are a novice you can follow along with the first few lessons before making any purchase.

Micromax also sells kits which are complete with everything you need to start taking photographs. You also get the manual, which will explain how to take photos using this camera. These kits do include lenses, bodies, lenses caps, erasers, foam filters, adapters, cables, tips and a USB cable.

Although we all enjoy taking pictures, there is something about it that is very serious and requires a great deal of patience and planning. If you start with a camera like this, you will not regret it. It is very easy to use and you get a lot of options when you are going to be using this camera.

There are many more advantages of owning a Micromax camera. If you want to start taking professional pictures quickly and easily then go ahead and purchase one of these cameras. You will also not regret it.

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